Is it just me or did Dizzywood update the interface on play.dizzywood.com? There’s now an advertisement on the top and this text box thing on the bottom:

Dizzywood is a fun free online game for kids where you can play free games, explore unique and imaginative areas, and meet new friends in a safe environment. Whether it’s a visit to a Mayan-themed jungle or a super power challenge to defeat Emperor Withering, Dizzywood offers children ages 8-12 the opportunity to create their own adventure, cooperate with other players in exciting games and challenges, and have fun while learning.

  • Dress Up Your Avatar
    In Dizzywood, you can customize your very own animated character! Show off your style with personalized hair styles, clothing and other cool Dizzywood items.
  • Play Games
    There are lots of fun games to play in Dizzywood. Test your skills against the riddle master Archimedes. Beat the Mechano-Drill 9000 by bouncing magical balls of elixir. Or help Chef Pierre collect tasty bugs for his famous Tanglevine Stew!
  • Use Super Powers
    Get incredible super powers such as levitation and invisibility to overcome obstacles and explore new areas. There’s no limit to the things you can do in Dizzywood. Let your imagination lead the way!”

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